The Queen of Light

a one-act, science fiction-themed play
by Jo Davidsmeyer

Queen of Light, painting by Lew Hartman Artwork copyright Lew Hartman, 1996. All rights reserved.


On his wedding day, Laird, High King of the Outlands, nervously awaits a first glimpse of his bride. Laird has good reason to be anxious. His betrothed is no blushing young maiden. She is an accomplished general, eight years older than the teenaged Laird, and a Queen in her own right. This arranged marriage ends a centuries-old war and gives Laird access to an ancient and powerful arsenal. The wedding benefits everyone . . . except the bride.

When his queen arrives, it’s love at first sight for Laird, but this warrior queen has her own agenda. Before the nuptials, she seizes an opportunity to nullify the marriage contract at the point of a sword. In what should have been an exhibition match, Laird suddenly finds himself fighting for his life. And the fate of a world hangs on whether this young king is able and willing to slay the woman that he loves.

Productions and Awards

  • A winner of the third annual Open Book/Fireside Theatre national playwriting competition
  • runner-up in the Southport International Playwriting Festival in Southport, England
  • Players of Sarasota presented a staged reading of the play July 19 and Aug 24, 1999 as part of their "Word of Mouth" series.
  • A staged reading of the play was presented at VidCon, a science fiction and media convention, in Tampa Florida in February of 1997.


The Outlanders:

LAIRD: An attractive youth of nineteen. Though still growing into his physical height, he'd reached his emotional maturity years ago. High King of the Outlands. He sports a well-trimmed beard, hoping that the growth will hide his youth.

BRANNOCK: An aging King of a minor province. Laird’s lifelong mentor and protector.

ONA: A teller of tales, the lens through which the audience views the story. Sister of Laird. Though twelve years older than Laird, she is telling the story from a distant time, so can be much older.

The people of the Proprietorship:

FREYLA: A strikingly beautiful woman of twenty-six. Queen of the Lightlands, she is regal and confident. Her spirit shines through even on this day that threatens to destroy her dreams and ambitions.

VIRENE: Freyla’s younger sister. Taller than both Freyla and Laird. Though a devout follower of the MotherGod, the real subject of her worship is her sister and Queen.

KAEHEN: Freyla’s older brother and protector. A gentle giant of a man in his mid-thirties. logoSword Fighting: A Manual for Actors & Directors

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A single set serves for the action of this play. An upstage platform overlooks the playing area. Two throne-like chairs sit atop the platform. Steps lead down from the platform. Trunks and boxes lay cluttered up right. The set is decorated with silk banners and flags, giving a medieval flair that is at odd incongruity with the acrylic lectern down left. On the lectern sits an open, leatherbound volume.
NOTE: This play chronicles the union of two disparate peoples. In costuming and manner, they should be markedly different; this could extend to casting the people of the Outland and the Proprietorship as two different ethnic groups. The Proprietorship is the older culture: a matriarchy, technologically advanced, inhabiting the warmer climes. For generations the Proprietorship has defended "civilization" against the advances of the Outland "barbarians."

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"The Queen of Light" copyright Jo Davidsmeyer, 1995.
All rights reserved.

Artwork "Queen of Light" copyright Lew Hartman, 1996.
All rights reserved.

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