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From July 25, 1999

Photo from the collection of Earl Parker.
Between takes outside chateau in France.
Copyright Earl Parker. All rights reserved.
This photo is of Earl Parker (Vic Morrow's stunt double) and a French script girl.
The photo is outside a chateau in Loire, France, which was used in exteriors for the episodes "The Main Event" and "Hear No Evil"

You know, your sister didn't do what Kirby wanted to do and a castle landed on her. Now lets start by taking off those ruby slippers, or maybe a chateau will fall on you my pretty.
submitted by: Bob Friday August 13th 1999 10:21:43

"I told ya we had to do this next show in this *stupid* castle. Where do the producers come up with these ideas?"
submitted by: Black Cat Thursday August 12th 1999 06:14:08

"And in the last scene, I climb right up there onto the highest tower, yellin' '....HEY, MA! TOP O' THE WORLD!' "
submitted by: Nathaniel Bridger Tuesday August 10th 1999 07:27:47

"Did anyone ever tell you... you look like Frank Sinatra?"
submitted by: B.A.R. Tuesday August 10th 1999 08:11:08

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that whispering is rude? Nope, guess not..."
submitted by: White Queen Monday August 9th 1999 11:48:13


So that's the way it works, we liberate your country, at a cost of thousnads of young men, not to mention millions of dollars, and in the future, when we need to bomb our enemies maybe we could fly over your airspace. That sounds reasonable, right?

Girl: Oh oui(to herself) PAS DE QUESTION (Translation: NO WAY)

submitted by: Bob Saturday August 7th 1999 04:34:14

"If you see a tall American officer who calls himself King Two, don't trust him. He's really a German spy."
submitted by: eddie Wednesday August 4th 1999 05:39:23

"Of course my name's Chip Saunders. Would an American sergeant lie to you?"
submitted by: eddie Wednesday August 4th 1999 05:32:17

"I hate playing horse with Saunders!"
submitted by: Tigger Wednesday August 4th 1999 10:50:56

"No Sarge! I don't want to play middle ages, I don't want to be your Squire and I won't polish your lance!"
submitted by: John Sunday August 1st 1999 09:39:22

"So there we are, me an' Annette, --and this guy comes up kickin' sand in my face, and....."
submitted by: Nathaniel Bridger Sunday August 1st 1999 02:29:49

"You, ah ...... you like giving enemas? Mmmm?"
submitted by: Harpo Saturday July 31st 1999 09:47:35

"Ooo la la! You can take my pulse this way anytime, mon cherie!"
submitted by: Al Friday July 30th 1999 09:31:28

"I don't know why it is, but every time I look at this castle a tune just keeps running through my head: 'It's a small world after all!'"
submitted by: Pat Sewell Thursday July 29th 1999 02:45:41

"Trust me, Tinkerbell will fly down from the tower and land right here."
submitted by: Majik Wednesday July 28th 1999 04:56:40

Saunders (looking in his french-english phrasebook):

Let me see p-r-e-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-f, oh it says a sheath (doesn't this broad know that I never carry a bayonet)

French girl: Oui, ooh la la, preservatif et fait ca vite ou je vais voir la boche, comme avant.

TRANSLATION: Yes a condom, and make it fast or I'll go to the Germans like before.

submitted by: Bob Tuesday July 27th 1999 06:27:42

"Hold still...hold still....hold it....THERE, I GOT IT! See, I told you, in the grass, ya gotta check for ticks!"
submitted by: Jimbold2 Tuesday July 27th 1999 06:00:07

French Girl: Oh behave!

Saunders: Yeah...YEAH, BABY!!!

submitted by: Bob Tuesday July 27th 1999 04:09:24

"Come on and look at the camera! I want to get a decent shot before you have to blow the place up."
submitted by: David B. Finlayson Monday July 26th 1999 10:27:13

"All this and rides, too! It's a real dizzy land."
submitted by: Georgie Monday July 26th 1999 06:11:47

"Nice of the Kennedy's to let us stay, isn't it, honey? Good food, nice digs. Listen, if they offer to take you up in the plane, don't go, OK? "
submitted by: Harpo Monday July 26th 1999 06:09:20

French girl:" Izz zat French bread in yeur paunts, or are you juste 'appy to see me?"
submitted by: Mr BAR Monday July 26th 1999 05:19:30

"Please nurse, I can't remember a thing. What role was I supposed to be playing in Combat?"
submitted by: Freddie Monday July 26th 1999 04:42:56

"And you're sure that the Krauts blew up the privy in that place?"
submitted by: Monday July 26th 1999 04:15:25

"Hey baby, got anymore of that morphine?"
submitted by: Michael Bettiol Monday July 26th 1999 12:48:06

"See honey? I said our home would be our castle."
submitted by: lionstorm Monday July 26th 1999 04:25:47

"You know, if they built a replica of this place, put it in a theme park, charge the public....Naw, no one would go for that!"
submitted by: Pat Sewell Monday July 26th 1999 03:41:39

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