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Combat! reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer * Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets 

(090) Cry in the Ruins

4 bayonets

Written by Edward J. Lakso
Story by A. M. Zweiback
Directed by Vic Morrow
First aired 23-Mar-1965
Episode 27 of Season 3


A desperate woman searches for her missing baby as American and German soldiers watch helplessly from opposite ends of the street. The woman begs for help to rescue her infant son, whom she believes trapped in a wine cellar beneath the street. In an uneasy truce, the enemy soldiers agree to work together to help the woman. The enemy squads cease being soldiers for a time, until a wounded German officer crashes into their artificial peace.


Directed by Vic Morrow, "A Cry In The Ruins" shows his remarkable strengths as a director. Though he occasionally falls into "art" shots that are more showy than revealing, he delivers a brilliant episode. This story of enemies uniting in the name of common decency is riveting. The conclusion is surprising and haunting.

Morrow knew how to get the best out of Rick Jason. His Hanley is superb as he arranges a wary truce with a German patrol and struggles to find a way to "do the right thing." Lisa Pera is exceptional as the distraught Frenchwoman who serves as the catalyst for this story. As a mother desperate to save the life of her child, she temporarily halts a war and reminds two warring groups that they are more than just members of an army, but members of humanity. By the end of the episode, her tragedy shows these soldiers, in heart-breaking clarity, the real cost of the war and who pays the price.


Dick Peabody about Vic as a director: "Vic had everything Burt [Kennedy] had and everything Altman had. Vic could have been an absolute superstar motion picture director [...] The talent was there, and so obvious to everyone."


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders [does not appear]

Guest Star
William Smithers as Lt. Markes

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Conlan Carter as Doc
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Glenn Cannon as Pvt. Cane
John Crawford as Capt. Werner
Henry Horman-Cattani as Kranz
Ben-Ari as Le Page
Bob Kanter as Pvt. Hunstell
Larry Gelbmann as Gunnar
Frank Oberschall as Bruck
Gerd Rein as Heismann
Lisa Pera as Madame DuBois

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