Matthew and Bethany lurking in Franklin Canyon culvert
    Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 13:32:32 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Bethany T
    Subject: my recon

    Chameleon, finally checking in...

    How fun it was to read everyone's reports on Recon 98!  I printed them all to put with my journal. =)  I've been wanting to post about it for a long time but school has interrupted very rudely in  my online time.  Hope your not all tired of the subject yet!

    My brother and I were the youngest at recon by quite a bit. Everyone thought my Mom was the fan and we were the tagalongs but it really was the other way around!  All three of us were able to work at the booktables (I just love booktables!).  Mrs. Thomas (Tom Lowell's wife, that is) bought some buttons and told me that in 30 (was it really that long?) years of teaching she had never met someone named Bethany!

    El Tee (Carolyn Elliott) at the Kirby tree
    One of my favorite things at recon was the Stars and Stripes!  El Tee did a great job putting them together and Othello's articles were wonderful.  You should make these available to the list also, El Tee!

    Othello was also a good tour guide at Franklin Canyon.  Our group must have stopped for dozens of photos and poses.  The best parts were the culverts.  We actually got to crawl through them!  Also, it was amazing how some of the trees look the same as they did 30 years ago!

    I think someone might have mentioned the Infamous Casing Raffle Story in which my brother won, ahem, several casings.  He was somewhat embarrassed to keep going up but certainly not one to decline good fortune!  He did, though, decide to award one to the man who introduced him to COMBAT.  I wanted also to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Dodger too for giving me the Kirby casing!!!  I love it and I carried it around with me until I realized I might lose it.  Now I keep it in a Safe Place.  Thank you for taking my book to Rick's also.  I have a lot to thank you for, Dodger!

    Bethany with Mom Annette taking hill at Franklin Canyon
    It was interesting meeting Rick Jason.  Considering his character in COMBAT, he certainly must have been good at acting!  He talked to everyone while he autographed so the line seemed to move quite slowly. When I reached him in line he said, "Hello.  You're pretty.  Where were your grandparents from?"  When I told him Japan he started talking in Japanese!  Unfortunately the extent of my knowledge of the language enables me only to note that "the fork is in the cup."  That didn't seem appropriate for the situation so I turned to my Mom for enterpretation.  Rick then proceeded to cheerfully chew her out for not teaching me to speak Japanese!  Before I left he made sure to tell me the benefits of being 1/2 Japanese.  "And the best part is, it makes you prettier..."

    Pierre Jalbert was also very nice.  I enjoyed his Q&A a lot because he spoke about what it's really like trying to act.  He also tells fascinating stories!

    More later, if I have time!

    Chameleon, fadin' out!