From: tmbrcv@webtv.net (Donna Callison)
    Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:51:32 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Recon '98 - WOW!!!!!!!

      Hey Squad-

         Esther/Bob checking in after the weekend of my life!  What an incredible experience that will long live in my heart.

         I echo the other posts so far about the great job done by all the volunteers.  However, I must convey my own personal regard and thanks for an amazing effort.  All of your hard work and devotion to having nothing less than a first-class time is appreciated.  The only suggestion I would have had was more time--I believe Recon '98 should have lasted, oh let's say, may be 2, 3 months--at least!  I mean I'm game to sit and watch Combat! till I'm brain dead.   Noble cause and all.  And, yes, I was the lucky winner of the raffle of our Saunders picture.  Even in his grubby, dirty uniform, he's still a major hubba-hubba!  He now keeps me company in my TV room while watching Combat!

    Brian Benedict of Encore Action setting up interview with Dick Peabody in WWII jeep. Patrols heading into woods in background.
    Jeep courtesy of fan Craig Covner.
          I must also speak about Hanley, Caje, Billy and Littlejohn who were all so generous with themselves and time.  I can remember watching Combat! when it was on--this is THE show for me where I completely bought into the characters and the storyline.  I loved the guys of King Company and felt every degree of pain right along with them when they were  shot up and wounded.  This affection for them was easy to acquire--after all they were all kind, sensitive men who looked out for the other guy.  Too often fans are disappointed to meet their idols face to face only to find themselves wondering how their big egos and heads managed to fit through the door.  What an incredible experience for me to meet some of the members of the beloved King Company to find them to be just as humble and lovable in real life.  They were all filled with so many stories about Combat! and their life's journeys in general and eager and willing to share .. and share...and share.  I lost count of the number of times during the weekend I pinched myself cause I thought I was dreaming.  It was an honor, privilege and joy to be around them for those 3 amazing days.

        And, to my fellow Recon'ers - it was a lot of fun to meet you and put a face with the call sign.  You are all first class and loads of fun.  As Bob Hope used to say, 'Thanks for the memories.'

    Esther/Bob, feeling choked up again, out.