Woundings: Kirby

Bullet Wounds:

  • Right shoulder [Rear Echlon Commandos]
  • Right shoulder [Bridgehead]
  • Right shoulder [The Ringer]
  • Creased in left temple [Nothing to Lose]
  • Left shoulder, bullet passes completely through [The Long Wait]
  • Left shoulder [Retribution]
  • Left hand, grazed with bullet [The Convict]
  • Left thigh [Hills Are for Heroes]
  • Left leg, just above knee, outside [The Casket]
  • Left shin, outside [Main Event]
  • Right leg [Gadjo]
  • Mail Call
  • [The Letter] Doc doesn't treat it, can't tell is he's limping or favoring a shoulder.


  • Concussion from mortar burst [Next In Command]
  • Concussion from German .88 barrage [Hill 256]
  • Shrapnel from grenade burst, flesh wound, upper right arm [Masquerade]
  • Nicked by a rock on his right temple [Decision]


  • Bandaged trigger finger, unknown cause [Next In Command]
  • Twisted left ankle [Bridge at Chalons]
  • Twisted left ankle [Command]
  • Concussion, 2 sprained fingers, 36 stitches in head, black eye [Off
  • Limits]
  • Dislocated left leg falling down mountain [Mountain Man]
  • Injured right hand at top of episode, needs rebandaging
  • (unknown wound)
  • Left arm in sling at top of "Silver Service", possibly a wound to
  • upper arm, though no bandage seen there later in episode
  • Bloodied temple [start of "The Masquers"]
  • Slugged at base of neck [Nothing to Lose]
  • Bandage over right eye for entire episode, unknown cause [Dateline]

Passes out:

  • From punch [Nothing to Lose]
  • From mortar burst [Next In Command]
  • From street fight [Off Limits]
  • From exposure and exhaustion [Silver Service]