Scripts of Holocaust Plays:

Theater plays dealing with the Holocaust, dramas for both adults and young people.

The Theatre of the Holocaust: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Collections of plays about the Holocaust. Volume 1 contains four plays, all written by survivors. Volume 2 contains six plays.

The Free Zone / The Workroom by Jean-Claude Grumberg. English translations of two French plays by a Holocaust survivor, based on his own experiences during and after the war. The Free Zone tells with humor and warmth the story of a Jewish family seeking refuge in the unoccupied half of France during WWII. In The Workroom brings to life the struggles of a group of women working in a tailor's workshop after the war. Great part for a young boy in each play.

Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts by Jo Davidsmeyer. About the trial and execution of Auschwitz warder Irma Grese, executed at the age of 19.

Voices edited by Janet Rubin, Research Associate of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. This anthology pulls together several complete scripts as well as segments of scripts about the Holocaust. These scripts provide unique opportunities for students studying the Holocaust to research, recount, reflect, and remember. This anthology is designed to be relevant as students pass from introductory through intermediate and advanced levels of Holocaust study. Activities for teaching and learning about the Holocaust follow each script or excerpt. Appendixes provide resource information.

I Never Saw Another Butterfly: A Play by Hana Volavkova
15,000 children under the age of 15 passed through Terezin from 1942 to 1944; less than 100 survived. Their daily misery, courage, hopes and fears were recorded in poems and pictures. Their voices survive today.

Judgment at Nuremberg: A Play by Abby Mann
Abby Mann's riveting drama Judgment at Nuremberg brought some of the worst Nazi atrocities to public attention and is one of the 20th century's most important records of the Holocaust. Originally written as a 1957 television play, later made into an Academy Award winning 1961 film, and available now for the first time in print (using the text of Mann's recent Broadway adaptation), Judgment at Nuremberg is as potent and relevant as ever. To this day the Nuremberg trials stand as a model for international criminal tribunals, due in large measure to the spotlight thrown on them by Mann's dramatic interpretation of the historic events.

Anne Frank and Me - a play for young people that shows the lie of Holocaust deniers.

The Diary of Anne Frank (play and related readings)

The Man in the Glass Booth by Robert Shaw, set in 1964, the Israeli Mossad kidnaps Jewish businessman Arthur Goldman from his New York City apartment and brings him to Israel to be tried for war crimes.

Dear Esther - a play for young adults by Richard Rashke. The story of young Esther Raab's escape from eastern Poland's Sobibor death camp. A tale of survival.

A Shayna Maidel by Barbara Lebow - about the reuniting of two sisters separated by the Holocaust.

Plays of the Holocaust: An International Anthology

Playing for Time by Arthur Miller, about the Jewish prisoners of the Auschwitz orchestra.

Research about Holocaust / Shoah Dramas:

Theatrical Performance During the Holocaust collects for the first time critical essays, memoirs, and primary source materials relating to the history of Jewish drama, cabaret, music, and opera under the Third Reich.

Staging the Holocaust : The Shoah in Drama and Performance
by Claude Schumacher (editor). Scholarly analysis of Holocaust theatrical productions in Israel, America, Poland, France, Italy and Germany. The collected essays trace the development of the realistic/documentary stagings of the 1950s-1970s to today's avant-garde shows. This is the first book that deals with Holocaust plays "in performance," and provides many previously unpublished drawings and documents, as well as an important descriptive bibliography

Spectacular Suffering : Theatre, Fascism and the Holocaust - this intelligent textbook explores the struggle to represent--in the theatre, on film and in museums--the unrepresentable landscape of the Holocaust and urges scholars from a variety of disciplines to re-think how we remember historical instances of suffering and atrocity.

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Other Suggested Holocaust Research:
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Books about Nazi Doctors and Trials of War Criminals
This Way for the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski
Josef Mengele
Drama - Plays about the Holocaust


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