Sniper: The Skills, the Weapons, and the Experiences
by Adrian Gilbert

From the back cover:
An acclaimed military historian leads you into the world of the combat sniper — on the safe side of the Crosshairs...

From the black-powder chaos of the American Revolution to the bitter carnage of Vietnam, he is a presence as familiar to war as death itself. He is the combat sniper — revered as the ultimate warrior by some and reviled as a monster by those who have known the terror of his invisible ambush.

Patient... As the "Wild Boys" who crawled the no-man's-land between the trenches in WWI, terrorizing the enemy and dodging machine-gun fire from the shelter of shell craters.

Personal... As the officer-hunting German snipers in WWII's Normanday — so unnerving that hardened commanders began to disguise their rank.

Precise... As the men who boasted a shot/kill ratio of 1.7 to 1 in Vietnam — a figure that was 50,000 to 1 among general soldiers.

From the evolution of the art, to firsthand accounts of legendary exploits, through the basics of sniper training, Sniper traces the development of these most feared huntsmen, marking their historical battles and their pivotal role in modern forces. Includes 8 pages of authentic photographs. (A main selection of the military book club.)

Publisher: St Martins Mass Market Paper
ISBN: 0312957661; (February 1996)
Paperback List price: $6.99

Table of Contents

Part One: The Historical Background

  • Riflemen and Skirmishers
  • The American Civil War
  • Sniping and 19th-Century Technology

Part Two: Sniping in the Two World Wars

  • The Sniper Emerges: 1914-1916
    • Trench Warfare
    • Gallipoli Adventure
    • Violence and Moderation
  • A Fully-Fledged Article: 1916-1918
    • The New Professionals
    • Sniper versus Sniper
    • Camouflage and Observation
  • The Second World War
    • Opening Rounds
    • Barbarossa and After
    • War in the West
    • Sniping in the Pacific

Part Three: The Modern Sniper

  • The Korean War
  • Wound Ballistics
  • The War in Vietnam
    • Snipers from the North
    • The Marine Corps Response
    • The Army Sniper Programme
    • Technology and the Sniper
  • British Sniping after 1945
  • The Basics of Sniper Training
    • Marksmanship
    • Field Training
    • Sniper Employment
  • The Sniper Training Course
  • Sniping in Recent Conflicts
  • The Sniper Today

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