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Books about Doctors, Nurses, and Medicine in WWII

Recommendation by Keonin:
I'm reading Combat Medic by Isadore Valenti.  What a disappointment! I was expecting stories of his work and experiences, but it reads more like a travelogue.  He tells mostly about the advancement of his unit through France and a little about each battle.  There are several stories about individuals who earned medals, but not very much about his treatment of the wounded, etc.  I think I get a better idea of a combat medic's experiences by watching Doc on Combat. I'm forcing myself to finish this book, and then I'm going to read Combat Medic Memoirs by Richard L. Sanner.  Does anyone have any other suggestion of books that would tell more personal experiences of combat medics?  The short chapter on medics, nurses and doctors in Stephen Ambrose's book Citizen Soldiers gave more interesting information on combat medics than Valenti's entire book did.

Recommended by Blue Lindy, March 8:
Check out Doctor Danger Forward by Allen Towne - this is written by a 1st Infantry Divison combat medic.  It's quite good.  Another book about medicine in WWII is "Combat Surgeon" - by William McDermott.  Haven't had a chance to look at this one yet - but the reviews thus far look good.  I'm always in the market for WWII books on doctors, nurses and medics.

Recommended  by Dodger, Wed, 08 March
While this book does not deal with individual stories of medics in the field, it does give a very broad view of the problems encountered by the Medical Corps and how they came to be resolved. It is a very easy and interesting read. Fighting for Life: American Military Medicine in World War II, by Albert E. Cowdrey, .

Recommended by El Tee, Wed, 8 Mar 07:39:31

You can also try The Other Side of Time : A Combat Surgeon in World War II by Brendan Phibbs.  This was quite good - I found Phibbs to be a bit of an activist - he frequently disagreed with the brass - tended to speak out about things like poor strategic planning which increased the numbers of casualties coming his way.

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