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COMBAT Photos From Steve Schmidt

When I first put the original Combat! Reunion together, it was extremely difficult to find pictures from the TV series (this was in 1996, way before the internet being ubiquitous. At the time, fellow fan, Steven Schmidt, came through and was able to find these photos for use at the reunion from his private collection. Thank you, Steve!

He is offering these for sale for $12.00 each unautographed and $25.00 autographed for single autograph and $35.00 for double autograph, plus flat rate of $5.75 priority shipping. All autographs are generic, not personalized. All signed in person.

    1 Chanel Dr.
    Unit 1411
    Monmouth Beach NJ 07750

    Please contact him at saschmidt19533 - at - aol.com before ordering.

    He also has signed scripts available.

To see larger versions of the photos, click on the image.

  1. Portrait of Conlan Carter as Doc (from Worldvision archives). Very nice shot of him staring intently off camera as he reaches into his med-kit. Limited Supply AUTOGRAPHED and un-autographed
  2. "Hill 256," posed shot of Curt Conway interrogating Jack Hogan, with Conlan Carter as the MP in the background. Limited Supply AUTOGRAPHED and un-autographed
  3. Dramatic shot of Littlejohn and Hanley standing tense with rifles at ready. I think it might be from "Weep No More," but I'm not sure. It looks like the farmhouse in that episode.
  4. "The Enemy," posed shot of Rick Jason holding Robert Duvall at gunpoint. Background dark, but actors clear. SOLD OUT
  5. Vic Morrow and Pierre Jalbert relaxing between takes during filming of "The Farmer." They're drinking from the "fountain" and it looks like Peabody and many tech crew milling in background
  6. Adorable publicity shot of Dick Peabody posing, and towering over Donna Loren (a diminutive dancer from the 60s in contemporary dress). Jalbert and Morrow look on and laugh. Posed in front of tank. Shot taken during filming of "The Long Wait."
  7. Publicity shot of Pierre Jalbert on skis instructing Claudine Longet how to ski. Shot at Squaw Valley. (Limited supply)
  8. "I Swear by Apollo" posed shot of Steven Rogers and German Doctor (Gunnar Hellstrom). Very unusual to find any photo of Rogers. Background washed out.
  9. "The Prisoner" posed shot of Shecky Greene and Keenan Wynn.
  10. "Vendetta" shot of Conlan Carter, Rick Jason, and Telly Savalas, exterior in jeep SOLD OUT
  11. "Furlough" Vic Morrow (in class-A uniform) with arms around Carol Lawrence. Posed shot in front of a Union Jack.
  12. "Bridgehead" Nick Adams and Vic Morrow hunkered down against a wall, looking oh so grim. Vic looks like he's got a 5-day growth of blond beard; also has short cigarette butt dangling from his lips.
  13. Vic looking dramatically just off camera, posed in front of sandbags with photo backdrop of smoke behind. He's on the field radio with the handset held to his ear. The only caption is "VIC MORROW in COMBAT" Limited Supply
  14. Closeup of Vic in camo helmet, holding up Tommy Gun. He's real dirty and looking down, can barely see his eyes. If you're into the scruffy look, you may like it. Limited Supply
  15. Scratched Vic. Wounded Vic looking menacing. He's got bloodied scratches on his left cheek, hair mussed.
  16. Picture of Vic Morrow with tommy gun. Autograph reads 'To Sgt. Johnson Best Wishes Always, Vic Morrow' (Note: this is just of PHOTO of an autographed picture)
  17. Tom Lowell as Billy Nelson, bloodied in bomb crater in "Glow Against the Sky." Limited Supply AUTOGRAPHED
  18. Tom Lowell as Billy Nelson, climbing out of bomb crater in "Glow Against the Sky." Limited Supply AUTOGRAPHED
  19. Claudine Longet, Mickey Rooney, and Pierre Jalbert in "The Silver Service." Limited Supply
  20. Mickey Rooney and Pierre Jalbert joking between scenes of "The Silver Service." Limited Supply
  21. Pierre Jalbert as Caje on skis. SOLD OUT
  22. Caje, Kirby, & the Sarge from the Farmer

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