Combat! Toys and Children's Items
Based on the World War II TV Show

If any fans have these Combat! items, we'd love to get more information about them and better descriptions. These World War II toys based on the TV show are hard to find today. Please email us and brag about your collection. Prices cited below are from a 1995 issue of "Toy Collector and Price Guide" magazine. Thank you to Jean (aka "Squad") for sharing with us information from this publication.

Combat! Playset - WWII Toy Tommy Gun and more

playset.jpg (12765 bytes)

The above WWII toy playset was auctioned on eBay in 2000. Atomic Candy (the seller) described the set as follows: "This is a very rare piece of television memorabilia. This is a childs playset so that you could be Sarge or the Lieutenent. Comes with holster and strap with great graphics of Sarge and Lt. Also comes with generic plastic and steel tommygun, die-cast revolver, capbomb, and knife. Everything is dead mint unused. Comes in original shipping box.!"
Photo used by permission of Atomic Candy of Salem, MA

Combat! Card Game

Combat! card game from Milton Bradley. Value in excellent condition $45.

[Combat! Card Game]   [Backs of cards] [Front of card]
Photos provided by:
Donald Papp of Detroit

Combat! Coloring books

Three may have been issued during the run of the show. I've personally only seen the one pictures below.

[Picture of Coloring Book]
Photo provided by: Donald Papp of Detroit

Paint By Number

Hasbro released two Combat! Paint By Number sets

[Picture of Paint by Number Set]
Oil Paint by Number Set (Hasbro, 1963): includes a 15 by 17 inch carry case box with three 12 by 16 inch pre-numbered sketched canvases, 28 vials of paint, and 3 brushes. Value in good condition $100, in excellent condition $115, in mint condition $125. At the end of the 1990s, already painted paint-by-number art became quite collectible - so if you painted your and you still have it, it's got value. Military paint-by-numbers already painted have become especially popular post 9-11.
Photo provided by: Donald Papp of Detroit

[Picture of Paint by Number Set]
Oil Paint by Number Set (Hasbro, 1963): includes a 14 by 20 inch box with three 12 by 14 inch pre-numbered sketched canvases, 14 vials of paint, and a brush. Value in good condition $75, in excellent condition $90, in mint condition $100.
Photo provided by: Dave Sanders

Jigsaw Puzzles

Milton Bradley issued two 125-piece jigsaw puzzles of "Combat!" Value in excellent condition $25.

Other Playsets

  • The "Official Playset" by Superior Toys consists of tanks, trucks, artillery, and toy soldiers. Value in excellent condition $200.
  • Combat! Battle Gear Playset, includes a machine gun, pistol, grenade, helmet and knife of plastic. Value in excellent condition $150.

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