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Black Sheep Squadron
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Black Sheep Squadron

Robert Conrad
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Pappy Boyington Books:

Black Sheep One: The Life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
by Bruce Gamble
Biography of the legendary Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. A "warts and all" story. Some fans of the TV series might not like the emphasis on his drinking and how it so negatively affected his life. But I love it!I It's is an excellent biography.

From front flap: Black Sheep One is the first biography of legendary warrior, lover, drinker, and World War II heo Gregory Boyington. Blessed with invetreate luck, the stubbornly independent Boyington Lived alife that went beyond what one might expect in the most imaginative fiction.
     Boyington became a Marine aviation cadet in 1936. Because of his chronic indebtedness and unconventional behavior, he was "encouraged" to resign from the corps. Before the Marines could kick him out, however, the American Volunteer Group began recruiting pilots to help the Chinese in their war against Japan. Boyington eagerly signed up, hoping the mercenary pay for destroying enemy planes would get him out of debt. But he ended up fighting his fellow Flying Tigers on the ground more than the Japanese in the air. Boyington quite the squadron the squadron and returned to the United States. With America now at war and experience fighter pilots at a premium, the Marines grudgingly let him back in and packed him off to the South Pacific.
     After initial setbacks — including breaking his leg during a drunken brawl — the 30-year-old veteran, now nicknamed "Pappy," formed a collection of unassigned pilots into an improptu fighter squadron. Pappy Boyington and his fellow Black Sheep set a blistering pace of aeial victories against the cream of the enemy' air forces, the fearsome Zero pilots of the Imperial Japanese Navy. By January 1944, however, this top scoring Marine ace's luck ran out when he was shot down over the Japanese fortress of Rabaul. Presumed dead, Pappy Boyington once again landed "feet first," and was held secretly in a Japanese POW camp. Freed at the end of the war, he returned home to a hero's welcome and a Medal of Honor.
     Many have observed that when the shooting stops, combat heroes like Pappy Boyington often just fade away — and at first this retired Colonel was no exception. A dozen years after the war, howeer, his fanciful autobiography, Baa Baa Black Sheep, became a bestseller, catapulting him out of obscurity with his blunt assessment: "Just name a hero and I'll prove he's a bum." The book's success led to other projects, including a steamy novel entitle Tonya. Still, Boyington's star faded again as he struggled against inner demons: a losing battle with the bottle, three failed marriages, and constant financial woes.
     In 1976 his luck again turned when a popular television series based on him memoir made Pappy and his Black Sheep household names. Although the show was highly fictionalized, Boyington was accurately portrayed as a nonconforming squadron commander — the number on black sheep in the Marines. Appropriately, "Black Sheep One" became his trademark autograph, while Robert Conrad, the actor who played him on television, adopted the appellation, "Black Sheep Two."
     Exhaustively and richly detailed, here is the complete warts-and-all story of this American original.

Tonya a novel by Gregory Boyington.
Read Boyington's exciting book about the fictional "Flying Sharks." A two-fisted adventure from this real WWII ace.

Books about the Pappy Boyington and the Black Sheep Squadron

Description The World War II air war in the Pacific needed tough men like Colonel Pappy Boyington and his Black Sheep Squadron. The legendary Marine Corps officer and his bunch of misfits, outcasts, and daredevils gave new definition to hell-raising - on the ground and in the skies. Memoir written by "Pappy" Boyington himself.

Lost Black Sheep: The Search for WWII Ace Chris Magee  Magee was the leading ace under the Black Sheep’s flamboyant leader, Major Greg “Pappy” Boyington. A free-spirited intellectual with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet, Magee grew up on Chicago’s rambunctious South Side dreaming of the day when he could fly fighter planes into combat. His dream came true when, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he transferred from the Royal Canadian Air Force to the U.S. Marine Corps and received training as a fighter pilot. He was sent to the South Pacific where his bravery and piloting skills earned him the Navy Cross and the title of “Ace.”

Once They Were Eagles: The Men of the Black Sheep Squadron
by Frank E. Walton
The Black Sheep legend, as retold through the eyes of the survivors. The real men of the Pappy Boyington's squadron tell their story of the World War II days, follows the men through their post-war years, and discusses their reaction to the TV series that was not-quite based on their lives.

Marine Corps Reading List

Also of interest for military aviation buffs:


Bent Wings - F4U Corsair Action and Accidents a great collection of short tales of what it is like to fly and fight in a Corsair. You'll love this collection! Like you are listening to barracks-room tales.
F4U Corsair books
Corsair: The F4U in World War II and Korea

by Barrett Tillman
The remarkable story of an airplane that became a legend...

Vought F4U Corsair: WarbirdTech Volume 4

by Barrett Tillman, Barrett Tilliman
Corsair : The F4U in World War II and Korea
by Barrett Tillman
Real-life histories of the Corsair in battle. 

Corsair Aces of World War 2

by Mark Styling, Jerry Scutts

Paperback - 96 pages (October 1995)
Cleared Hot! : A Marine Combat Pilot's Vietnam Diary by Bob Stoffey 
A Marine pilot who fought in Vietnam recounts his experiences, directing naval gunfire, dodging bullets, rescuing other soldiers, and more.

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DVDs, VHS tapes, and Video Games about the "Boyington" Corsair:

Roaring Glory Warbirds -
Vought Corsair F4U (DVD)
has great color and black-and-white footage of the Corsair, both modern and historic. Fantastic detail and information.

Black Sheep Squadron
Episode Guide

Black Sheep Squadron

Robert Conrad
Photos for Sale

F4U Corsair


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