Lt. HanleyName: Gil Hanley
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Home Town: unknown
Family: unknown (though a smart-aleck comment to a fellow Lieutenant in "Billy the Kid" leads him to respond with comment about "his father being fine"... since the Lieutenant in the episode did not know Hanley (or, assumably, his family), the response about his father doesn't indicate anything other than the fact that he is aware he was out of line, not that he has a living father that is actually fine.
Blood Type: A [The Impostor], O [I Swear By Apollo]
Serial number:

Military Record:
Hanley with carbine

  • Saw his first action on Omaha Beach.
  • On D-Day he was a Technical Sergeant
  • Received a battlefied
    commission after the invasion.
  • Decorations:
    • Good Conduct Medal [A Day In June]
    • three additional decorations
       [The Quiet Warrior]
  • Once loaned to secret service for espionage mission behind enemy lines [The Quiet Warrior]

Data from episodes:

  • Can recognize Latin, but can't speek it [Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd]
  • Has some knowledge of fine art and sculpture [Heritage]
  • In "The Quiet Warrior" it is revealed that:
    • Hanley is a college graduate
    • He roomed in college with Raymond Barole, a French exchange student
    • He vacationed one summer in France as the guest of the Barole family
    • Is nervous at thought of parachute jump
    • Enjoys fishing
  • May have a fear of flying [Quiet Warrior, Flying Machine]
  • Can drive a motorcycle [A Walk With An Eagle]
  • Instantly learns to fly a plane [The Flying Machine]

VICES: Cigarettes, alcohol, women

RELIGION: Seen attending Anglican service with Hazel [A Day In June]


  • Pinky ring, left hand. Large ring with flat, etched surface.
    • Worn all five seasons. (The ring was a family heirloom of actor Rick Jason, inherited from his father)
    • He removes it when infiltrating as French civilian in "The Quiet Warrior"
    • He does not wear it in "The Volunteer"
  • Pinky ring, right hand. Metal, small band. Possibly set w/stones.
    • Seen occasionally in season three [Cry In The Ruins, Heritage]
  • Wristwatch, left hand
  • Zippo lighter (seen occasionally, also uses matches)
  • sidearm, Colt .45, and bayonet
  • usually carries a carbine
  • Wore a uniform jacket in Season 5, not the field jacket

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