From the monthly archives: March 2013

Best laid plans of mice and men, and apparently dieters, go often awry. A week has passed now since my accident. The insurance company has designated my car a total wreck. And I’m feeling like my doctor should designate me as one, too.

Ow, ow, ow!  I’m glad the x-rays show no broken bones, but, boy! I hurt all over. Tried to go to the gym today but couldn’t do a thing. And now I’m walking with a cane. You know, gym and cane and black-and-blue pain really don’t mix. I’m still staying on the diet, but, missing the gym very, very much. This is going to throw my plans off. Definitely going to have to re-adjust my goals.

Looking at a used car tomorrow. I’m hoping to have another car soon, so I can return the rental. Alas, I had trimmed back on my insurance costs recently and removed the rental car option from my insurance. Well, that was short-sighted, wasn’t it! I’m paying out of pocket for my rental. Definitely a strong incentive to find some used care very quickly.

I’ve got an appointment in a month with a thyroid specialist to check on the growths. A month! Nerves on edge already. How can I wait a month to find out what’s happening inside my body?  I’ve asked to be called if there’s any cancellations in the meantime. I hope so. This tension is going to get to me. Prayers are welcome!

wrecked avalonOh!  Look at my poor, poor Avalon!
Thank you, God, the car didn’t make it out alive, but i did. I’m sore, but I’m all in one piece. Praise God!



Yesterday was pretty rough. I hope three times is the charm, because I had my three all in one day and I want no more.

1) Came in to work and was told by my principal that Sarasota County has decided to eliminate all media specialists (or, as we used to be called, “librarians”). So, my dream job that I have loved for the past three years is gone. I will have a position next year at the same school. But, my beloved library will be run by an aide.

2) Driving home from work on I-75, I was broadsided by a panel truck going way over the speed limit. I didn’t actually see the accident. I was traveling in the middle lane and I just felt this huge impact on the passenger side in my blind spot. I was forced off the road, through the barrier, spun around and the car was, for a time, on its side. Thank the Lord that it fell back right-side up and I didn’t flip. The truck wound up passing me, hitting another car and then spinning into the median and flipped. I was taken away by ambulance. Hurt all over, sore all over, but no broken bones. Car looks like it is totalled.

3) While in the emergency room, they ran all sorts of tests. During one of the scans they discovered several growths on my thyroid, that now have to be looked into.

Well, at least I didn’t resort to a hot-fudge sundae for comfort. Of course, this is not due to willpower, but more due to the fact that I didn’t have a car to drive to an ice cream shop.

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