From the monthly archives: October 2012

I’m now over 100 days into my journey and I’m truly beginning to feel that this is a true lifestyle change. Today when I caught myself actually counting out the number of pretzel sticks when I was grabbing a quick snack, that’s when I knew I had arrived. Especially when I realized that even though the label said 28 sticks was a serving size and I only counted out 14, yessirree-bob, that’s a major lifestyle difference.

So, what’s been your realization that your life has really changed and you’re not just dieting anymore?


I’m 90+ days into my journey and, by the scale, I have now lost 10% of my body weight. Woohoo! Still a long way to go, but I’m on my way!

Of course, when I found this out, I wanted to see what other milestones I could aim for. Well, that was a mistake. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes focused on just each day at a time, with short mini-goals. I confess, when I started seeing how really far I have to go, I was getting a bit depressed. To get out of the obese weight range. Yikes! I have to lose 80 pounds before I’m considered just overweight. Well, at least I only have to lose about 25 more pounds to stop being considered severely obese.

Charts, charts, charts. How depressing! I guess I’ll go drown my sorrow in carrot sticks.


FOLLOWUP TO YESTERDAY’S POST: The meeting went very well today. People actually stayed an hour past scheduled end because we were getting so much accomplished. Thank goodness there was enough food and beverage for the extra time. Besides the sandwich rings and chips (which I skipped), I also made a big Caesar salad and bowl of fresh fruit. Of course, there were chocolate chip cookies. I had one. And, naturally, there were about a dozen left over at the end of the meeting..

As people were helping me clean up I asked if anyone would like to take the cookies, since I wasn’t going to be eating them. And one lady said that would make her a hero with her nephew.

I turned my back and couldn’t watch as the objects of my temptation left the room. But, I let them go. I didn’t even cry, though I still had regrets. Alas, I couldn’t get anyone to take the bag of potato chips.

And, big accomplishment, I stayed within my calorie goals of the day.

But, still, I wonder where those chocolate chip cookies are now. Thank goodness they are not on my hips :)


It’s finally hit me. I’m 75+ days into my journey and have lost 25 pounds so far. I’ve been reading other dieters posting about issues with cravings and hunger and been wondering, why aren’t I having these issues? I’ve been obese for … well, forever. I’ve always been an emotional eater. But I’ve been doing so well on my new determination to change my life. Until today.

I’m hosting a meeting in my school library tomorrow of all the county High School librarians. I’ve got a budget from my principal to provide refreshments. So, I put in my order today for a sandwich ring, and made up my shopping list for tomorrow: ice, caesar salad kit, fresh fruit bowl, sun chips, iced tea, cookies from the bakery. And it just snuck up on me: I couldn’t take the leftover cookies home and eat all of them in one sitting, like I had always done in the past. And, I was sad.

Heck, no. I was mourning.

Even though, I knew that one cookie was allowed and would satisfy my sweet tooth, right then, it wasn’t satisfying that emotional craving. I wanted the whole thing! And I hadn’t even seen the cookies yet. I just wanted the idea of eating the whole plate of cookies.

Where the heck did that come from? Suddenly, the thought of never again being able to down about 2,000 calories in cookies in one sitting seems like a loss. Deprivation. End of a way of life that, in some respects, I really liked — I just hated the side effects.

Lord, help me get over this feeling.


Woo-hoo! It was my birthday this week. I went out to my favorite restaurant and ate my favorites (in moderation) and actually lost 2 pounds this week! That’s a total of 25 pounds since I began my journey.

Not much to say beyond that. It’s so wonderful to know I can have special occasion celebrations and still continue with my new lifestyle choices. Yippee!

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