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Went to the orthopedic surgeon today. About two weeks ago, my left knee really started hurting. Constant pain. I had to use a cane to get around at all. My doctor referred me to this surgeon and ordered some x-rays.

I’ve been trying to be careful while exercising at the gym, and being very careful of my knees, but maybe I did something at the gym. Who know?

Alas, the surgeon said that I have no cartilage remaining in my left knee. No wonder I hurt so much, I am scraping bone on bone every time I take a step. My doctor said I probably didn’t do anything in my exercise regimen, but that some little thing turned out to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. My knee had been bothering me for some time — that was among the reasons why I started this journey, knowing that taking the weight off would help my knee.

But with no cartilage left, there are few options. I will have to have a knee replacement eventually. The doctor wants to try some other options before then. He gave me two injections directly into the knee today: one an anesthetic and the other steroids. He said I was going to feel great for at least a day, but don’t expect that to last; it would just be the anesthetic. Then the anesthetic would wear off and it would take a day or two to tell if the steroids would have any effect. The shot could alleviate the pain for a few months or just a few days. Everyone is different. Oh, and he said absolutely nothing at the gym except upper body work for at least week. Geesh, I have been doing only upper body for the past two weeks, I am so sick of it!

But, boy, is that anesthetic wonderful! I feel great. I haven’t felt this good in years. Wow, walking without hurting, that’s the way life is supposed to be. Now, why can’t I skip the steroids and just get an anesthetic once a week?

Waiting for the Whoosh

And, today, of course, was weigh-in day. For the second week in a row, I have gained two pounds even though I have scrupulously stayed on my diet regimen. I’ve been reading that when you have an injury, the body will retain water. In addition, I have  been really stressing on the upper body work and my muscles have really been pushed. According to everything I’ve been reading, the muscles will also retain water after intensive workouts. Supposedly, at some time there will be a “whoosh” when the body lets go of that water. I’m still waiting for it. I will continue with my regular diet, I know I’m still losing fat, even though the scale shows I am not losing weight. Oh, what a lesson in patience this is!


Woohoo! Lost three pounds this week. I’m going to need that buffer pound going into Thanksgiving. Plus my brother is coming to visit for two weeks. That’s going to be a challenge on my goal to lose 41 pounds for Christmas. I’ve got just four more pounds, but during the holidays, that’s going to be a challenge.


I’m now over 100 days into my journey and I’m truly beginning to feel that this is a true lifestyle change. Today when I caught myself actually counting out the number of pretzel sticks when I was grabbing a quick snack, that’s when I knew I had arrived. Especially when I realized that even though the label said 28 sticks was a serving size and I only counted out 14, yessirree-bob, that’s a major lifestyle difference.

So, what’s been your realization that your life has really changed and you’re not just dieting anymore?


I’m 90+ days into my journey and, by the scale, I have now lost 10% of my body weight. Woohoo! Still a long way to go, but I’m on my way!

Of course, when I found this out, I wanted to see what other milestones I could aim for. Well, that was a mistake. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes focused on just each day at a time, with short mini-goals. I confess, when I started seeing how really far I have to go, I was getting a bit depressed. To get out of the obese weight range. Yikes! I have to lose 80 pounds before I’m considered just overweight. Well, at least I only have to lose about 25 more pounds to stop being considered severely obese.

Charts, charts, charts. How depressing! I guess I’ll go drown my sorrow in carrot sticks.


Woo-hoo! It was my birthday this week. I went out to my favorite restaurant and ate my favorites (in moderation) and actually lost 2 pounds this week! That’s a total of 25 pounds since I began my journey.

Not much to say beyond that. It’s so wonderful to know I can have special occasion celebrations and still continue with my new lifestyle choices. Yippee!


This week I celebrated my birthday by achieving my first mini-goal. And, yes, it was a SV (scale victory), not an NSV and I’m very happy.

When I first started this weight loss journey, I had in mind to get down to 250 pounds by Christmas (which would put me 41 pounds down from my highest weight). But as I limped, lurched, and stumbled my way through my first few weeks, the idea of a half-year goal just seemed too far away. So, I did some math and charting and figured if I was to reach that goal, I would have to be down 23 pounds by my birthday, September 26.

Once I put that goal in my mind (and on my refrigerator), I felt so much less stress. That’s an achievable goal, something I can see in the near future.

This past Monday, when I stepped on the scale, I had achieved my first mini-goal.Yes!!!!

And, second success of the week, I actually celebrated my birthday with a lovely dinner out (treated by my parents at my favorite restaurant) and felt no guilt about it at all, because I made wise choices. This was a major mental break-through for me. I wasn’t treating this as a “cheat” meal. I wasn’t looking at it as, “Oh, well, it’s my birthday, throw the rules out the window” and then feeling guilty and miserable the next day.

Now, I did abandon the “diet” for the day. I deliberately planned for my birthday dinner and made the conscious choice BEFORE the day came that this would be a day of eating at my TDEE and not a deficit day. Wow! After eating at a deficit for 75 days, when I saw how much I could eat without a deficit, it was like a receiving a birthday present. To know that I could eat that much as a special treat and know I was not binging or breaking from my long-term lifestyle goals was such an eye-opener. I had very low-cal breakfast and lunch, to make sure I left enough “eat” room for the dinner celebration.

My parents took me to Stonewood Grill, my favorite steak restaurant! I was sad to see so few entries for their menu here on MFP. The day before my birthday, I went through the menu and picked my favorites and then did some comparisons to other similar selections on MFP. I made sure I would be armed with the right information before going, so I wouldn’t be distracted by lack-of-knowledge from my long-term goals. Now, they did have a wonderful “special” that day, which was not on the menu. But it was just a variation of one of the standard meals and didn’t take too much mental arithmetic to figure out that it was within the calorie range I had allotted myself. Ummmmmm, bone-in filet mignon. Delicious!

Of course, I did not allow for the complimentary chocolate cake they provide to all birthday people. Well, of course, I couldn’t NOT have it. I asked for three forks with it, so my parents could share. I had three bites. Yes, me, the fat old broad had only THREE bites of chocolate cake. Enough to get a wonderful taste and that’s all I wanted.

I confess, I have back-slid on one of my goals this week: weighing myself. I have been just weighing weekly, but since my birthday, I have been weighing daily. Just in case I did see a jump, I wanted to take appropriate steps. And, amazingly, I’m actually down in weight this week :) I know, I know. I can’t trust daily fluctuations, but it has made me feel like counting another small victory. I’m just crossing my fingers that my Monday weigh-in that weight has stayed off.

I’m sure these sound like silly little things to get excited over. But for me, these are major accomplishments, both in mentally, physically, and in terms of NSVs and SVs.

Now, on to my next goal: 40 pounds off by Christmas.


Had a lovely NSV (non-scale victory) today. I was in a hurry and grabbed a pair of slacks at random and was surprised that they were snug. Lately I’ve been so delighted with how loose my pants were. But suddenly, my pants are snug? And then the thought  hit me! I ripped off the slacks and ran to the light to peer at the label. I had grabbed some old slacks by mistake. These are a size smaller and I can get into them! Okay, they’re snug, but two months ago I wouldn’t even have been able to get them over my hips.

Wow! I’m seeing progress in my clothes. What a great feeling!


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