From the monthly archives: June 2013

Well, I’ve been at Hearland rehab now for a few days. Had a few little post-surgery issues, but doing quite well now. I confess, I’m so enjoying just being able to relax and re-coup. It’s so nice not having to worry about laundry or meals or any of the day-to-day. The staff here are nice. The rehab sessions are great except for one thing …. they ALWAYS schedule me for first appointment of the morning. Breakfast at 7:30 and rehab at 8;00, YIKES! I’m barely awake! I learned quickly that I needed to wake even earlier and buzz for the pain meds by 7:00, or they wouldn’t take effect in time for all the abuse I was going to get in the rehab sessions.

I’m amazed at how well I’m actually doing. I could walk on my own all the way to rehab on my first day here. And, of course, the rehab is all the way on the other side of the facility from where my room is. Granted, I wasn’t moving very quickly and was very, very glad for the walker. But I did it on my own. I’m even able to get myself out of bed and dressed on my own. Though, even with first-class pain killers, wow! Does it ever hurt!

Staff is very nice here. And they have some great social activities. Believe it or not, they had a wine and cheese social this afternoon …. hmmmm, a rehab facility that has cocktails. I think I can really enjoy this time spent recuperating after the surgery. Two glasses of wine on top of pain killers. Happy days!


Knee surgery went well. I was released from hospital today and am currently in rehab. Don’t know how long I’ll be here. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


Surgery tomorrow to have my knee replaced. I just want to thank everyone who has been so supportive through these last few months. Been very stressful. As some of you know, in March, I had a triple whammy on one day: I found out in the morning that my position had been eliminated by the school district, in late afternoon i was struck by a car on I-75 and taken away by ambulance (car was totalled), and at the hospital when they took a scan of my neck, they discovered I had major growths on my thyroid. Thank God the growths turned out benign. Since then I’ve been struggling with pain from the knee, worry over my parents and the care for Dad, the slow demise of my cat, and well ….. the list goes on and on. It’s been very rough. I’m actually looking forward to the surgery so I can spend a restful month with no responsibilities and maybe no worries for a change.

I have, alas, used my struggles as an excuse to let up on my diet. I have not been logging my food daily, which is the single best way to lose weight. And, because of the daily pain from my knee, I have dropped my exercise to just once a week. Consequently, I have gained back ten of the pounds that I have lost. Cross finger …. I have been told that the stress of surgery makes most people lose 10 pounds during their hospital stay. I’m hoping!

Thank you all for your patience and support. Prayers tomorrow at 8:00 for surgery will be greatly appreciated.

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