Went to the orthopedic surgeon today. About two weeks ago, my left knee really started hurting. Constant pain. I had to use a cane to get around at all. My doctor referred me to this surgeon and ordered some x-rays.

I’ve been trying to be careful while exercising at the gym, and being very careful of my knees, but maybe I did something at the gym. Who know?

Alas, the surgeon said that I have no cartilage remaining in my left knee. No wonder I hurt so much, I am scraping bone on bone every time I take a step. My doctor said I probably didn’t do anything in my exercise regimen, but that some little thing turned out to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. My knee had been bothering me for some time — that was among the reasons why I started this journey, knowing that taking the weight off would help my knee.

But with no cartilage left, there are few options. I will have to have a knee replacement eventually. The doctor wants to try some other options before then. He gave me two injections directly into the knee today: one an anesthetic and the other steroids. He said I was going to feel great for at least a day, but don’t expect that to last; it would just be the anesthetic. Then the anesthetic would wear off and it would take a day or two to tell if the steroids would have any effect. The shot could alleviate the pain for a few months or just a few days. Everyone is different. Oh, and he said absolutely nothing at the gym except upper body work for at least week. Geesh, I have been doing only upper body for the past two weeks, I am so sick of it!

But, boy, is that anesthetic wonderful! I feel great. I haven’t felt this good in years. Wow, walking without hurting, that’s the way life is supposed to be. Now, why can’t I skip the steroids and just get an anesthetic once a week?

Waiting for the Whoosh

And, today, of course, was weigh-in day. For the second week in a row, I have gained two pounds even though I have scrupulously stayed on my diet regimen. I’ve been reading that when you have an injury, the body will retain water. In addition, I have  been really stressing on the upper body work and my muscles have really been pushed. According to everything I’ve been reading, the muscles will also retain water after intensive workouts. Supposedly, at some time there will be a “whoosh” when the body lets go of that water. I’m still waiting for it. I will continue with my regular diet, I know I’m still losing fat, even though the scale shows I am not losing weight. Oh, what a lesson in patience this is!


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