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Vital Statistics:

Name: Richard Roland Benson Jr. (Jack Hogan)
Born: Chapel Hill, N.C. Nov. 25, 1929
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

The following biography appeared in the COMBOAT! '96 Souvenir booklet. Copyright Strange New Worlds, 1996. All rights reserved.

Born Richard Roland Benson Jr., Jack Hogan is hard put to explain why he changed his name to something equally plain. “Maybe,” he says, “I just wanted to leave home and create a new person — and maybe I did.” Acting on the belief that everyone loves the Irish, he changed his name to Jack Hogan: a name that he’s proudly sported for over forty years.

Jack was raised in North Carolina and studied architecture at the University of North Carolina. In 1948, bored by college life, he left the University of North Carolina and spent the next four years in the armed forces, spending two of them in the Far East. Though he never had any previous yearning for a theatrical life, during his time in the service he decided to become an actor. By the time he left his final duty station in Japan, he had made arrangements to enroll at the Pasadena Playhouse in California.

In 1955, he headed for New York to attend the American Theatre Wing and continue his training. A year later, he returned to Hollywood where a string of acting jobs, both in films and on television, followed. His first film role was playing Westin in Man from Del Rio. Other films include The Bonnie Parker Story, The Legend of Tom Dooley, Paratroop Command, and The Burglar.

Jack credits directors Robert Gist and Robert Altman, with whom he has been associated, for exerting great and beneficial influences on his artistic development. Another peronsal mentor was Anthony Quinn, under whom he has studied and who gave him his first professional role.

In 1962, Jack signed to play the quick-tempered Private Kirby as a guest star in the "Combat!" episode “Forgotten Front.” He was hired by director Robert Altman, who had worked with Hogan before and been impressed with his talent. Altman was not alone in this opinion, and Hogan was hired for several more episodes. At the end of the first thirteen weeks, Hogan had made such an impression, that he was signed to a five-year contract.

According to his ABC bio for Combat!: “It’s a tribute to Jack Hogan’s acting ability that he is the unlikeliest of men to be cast as Kirby, the tough, quick-tempered, troublesome, mademoiselle-chaser of Sergeant Chip Saunders’ squad in Combat! Off camera, Jack is the kind of guy Kirby just couldn't ‘dig.’ He’s soft-spoken and serious.”

After "Combat!" left the air in 1967, Jack continued to serve in uniform on several television series. His TV career included on-going appearances as Sergeant Jerry Miller on "Adam 12" and as Chief Ranger Jack Moore in his own series "Sierra," filmed in Yosemite. In the seventies, Jack Hogan appeared in several made-for-television movies, playing Kerwin in Houston, We've Got a Problem, Dr. Edward Grey in The Specialists, and Bill Hopkins in Mobile Two.

In the early eighties, Jack Hogan moved to Hawaii, where he supervised the operation of his construction business. During his ten-year stay in the islands, he garnered a recurring role as Judge Smithwood in "Jake and the Fatman" and served as casting director for "Magnum P.I." He also appeared twice as a guest on "Magnum," playing well-heeled villains.

Jack, twice divorced and the father of two, recently returned to take up residence in Chapel Hill. Jack’s favorite pursuits include painting, fishing, reading, “arguing God and politics with my friends” and taking short drives “to relieve the tension.” His reading runs to Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Maugham, and he is fond of poetry, particularly the works of Carl Sandburg. His favorite painter is Gauguin, whose works he often copies.

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