William G. Kirby

Tough, quick-tempered, argumentative, and a skirt-chaser, Kirby is the show’s “bad boy.” He’s been AWOL more than any other man in the outfit and once broke up a French cafe in a brawl over a woman. Consequently, he gets most of the good lines. Though a wise-cracker and complainer, Kirby is a good man in a fight. Kirby is the squad’s B.A.R . man (Browning Automatic Rifle).

Jack Hogan as Kirby (with B.A.R.)Name: William G. Kirby
Home Town: Chicago [The Hunter]

  • Mother living [High Named Today, The Hunter]
  • Sister Ruthie [Retribution]
  • Brother George [The Hunter]
  • Mother and brother live in Chicago [The Hunter]
  • Uncle owns a bowling alley in Chicago [The Bankroll]
  • Father (James) is from Iowa [The Town that Went Away]

Blood Type: ??

Military Record:

  • before joining Saunders' squad:
    • landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day
    • was an acting corporal, but later demoted
  • court-martialed for desertion under fire in action on Hill 256 on August 7, 1944. Charges dismissed.
  • on record for brawl in French cafe [Off Limits]
  • BAR man for Saunders' squad
  • Best man in squad with Bazooka [Hills Are For Heroes]
  • Was second for Grady Long, the squad's previous BAR man [Far from the Brave]
  • Basic training in Trenton, New Jersey [A Gift of Hope]

Serial Number:

  • 14327230 [The Masquers]
  • 1302882 [The Long Way Home]
  • 37428620 [Dateline]


  • For most of season one he carries an M1 rifle
  • Carries a BAR consistently from season two through end of show
  • Left-handed
  • Has been AWOL more than anyone else in platoon [Hill 256]
  • Jack Hogan's weapon was a real B.A.R., not a fake prop
  • Is known to state his opinions (see "Kirby-isms")


  • Gold chain bracelet on his right wrist
  • Watch (when he hasn't hocked it, as he had in "The Party") on his left wrist
  • Carries large knife, which Saunders often borrows, since Saunders never carries his own
  • Rarely carries a canteen
  • Often has Zippo lighter
  • As B.A.R. man, he wore suspenders (these were often worn by BAR men in the field to support the weight of the belt, which held 12 magazines in 6 pockets -- a VERY heavy belt when loaded)

Vices: Cigarettes, wine, hard liquor, poker, and women

Friends from the states:

  • Eddie Kopachek: An intelligence officer and childhood friend of Kirby's. Eddie was engaged to marry Kirby's sister. Eddie was beaten to death under interrogation in the episode "Retribution."
  • Basic training friend from "A Gift of Hope"; killed at St. Lo
  • Kid from "Brother, Brother"; kid brother of a childhood friend.

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