This is the first post in my weight-loss journey. Last week, I made a commitment to lose weight. More importantly, I made a commitment to change my life and get rid of the adjective that has plagued my life …. obese. 

OBESE, adjective, meaning grossly fat or overweight.
Synonyms: fat, corpulent, stout, plump, portly, gross

That one word sounds so harmless in a dictionary. But it’s a very tragic word when associated with a life — even more tragic and terrifying when coupled with the adverb: morbidly.

a. Of, relating to, or caused by disease; pathological or diseased.
b. Psychologically unhealthy or unwholesome:

Why I want to turn my life around…

My brother is eight years older and morbidly obese (as am I). He just visited and I was shocked at how much MORE weight he had gained. And this was after bariatric surgery. He can barely walk. He requires two canes to move, and uses an electric wheelchair around the house. I do NOT want to live that way. I have to lose weight for my health, for my life. And, maybe, for inspiration for my brother.

And I am tired of being old before my time.

I have dieted before. Lord knows how I’ve dieted! Sometimes successfully. More often, not. This is different. This is a life change. Because if I don’t change my life, what will my life be? How much longer will it last?

I’m blogging not so much because I want an audience on this journey, but because it is a sign of my commitment. If I blog, I stay on track. If I commit my journey to paper (or rather, to e-paper), then it is a tangible commitment.

Let the journey begin…



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  1. Noel says:

    Wonderful! All strength, power, and success to you in Jesus mighty name.


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