It’s finally beginning to happen — friends are noticing. Even though I blog about my new lifestyle, I haven’t told any of my friends about this journey. A part of me is still not accepting that this is my new lifestyle. I remember all the other failed “diets” and the awful disappointments when I failed again. I didn’t want to go through another failure in front of my friends.

But now, it’s  hard to keep this journey out of obesity a secret. As of today I have lost 40 pounds and people are beginning to notice. At choir rehearsal, a friend said, “You look different. Good. Are you losing a little weight?” She dropped her jaw in amazement when I said I’d lost 38 pounds! Yes, at my weight, it takes a lot of weight loss for anyone to notice. Then on Sunday (yesterday) another friend came up and said, “You’ve lost weight. What’s your secret.”  Ha! A secret. Nope. No secret involved – eat less and move more.

I had another fun non-scale victory at my last Toastmasters meeting. A friend said I was looking wonderful. She asked if I had changed my skin regimen because my complexion was beautiful. Skin regimen? I don’t even have one, but maybe I should develop one to go with my beautiful new body that is slowly emerging. I didn’t tell that friend that I was losing weight. I’m going to see how long it takes before she notices it’s the weight. But it is very nice to know that eating well is making my complexion glow!

Before closing out this post, let me add that I do have two friends who have known about my journey out of obesity from the start. These are my two Cursillo friends with whom I have a weekly prayer group. They have been so wonderfully supportive. Knowing that they are behind me, and that I see them once a week, is helping my on the journey. Their prayers are lifting me up. How nice for all of us that now that I’m 40 pounds lighter, there’s less of me to lift up!


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