i really didn’t expect on my journey that i would consistently lose week to week. i have really been blessed that since starting 150 days ago each week i have shown a loss …. until this week.

Okay, i was prepared for a plateau. But GAINED two pounds? I made it through my birthday losing weight. I made it through Thanksgiving losing weight. And, now, this week, where i stayed on track the whole week except for one meal, and i GAIN two pounds? SMACK! (The sound of my head beating against the wall.)

Intellectually, I know that i could not possibly have gained two pounds this week. That would have meant me eating 7000 calories over maintenance. That did not happen. Even with my one meal off, i was in calorie deficit all week. i know it must be water retention, or hormones, or the phase of the moon, but, THE SCALE WAS UP TWO POUNDS!!!! (*sob* *sob* weeping into my non-caloric beverage).

it’s not fair. I know, life’s not fair, but in the back of my mind i was hoping that at least my new lifestyle would be fair.

This is temptation in my path. I was one pound away from my Christmas goal weight. I was so proud that i was going to hit the goal two week before Christmas. So much for that plan! This is going to be a push to make that deadline. And, geesh, I’ve got three batches of fudge and several batches of cookies to make before Christmas. Maybe I’ll have to wear a gag while making them.

Wish me luck everybody. I am definitely going to make my Christmas goal weight. Despite cookies, despite fudge, despite my stupid scale!


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