I started my journey in July with a goal to lose 40 pounds by Christmas. The last two weeks were a scale setback, but I was patient.I had a friend kept telling me that my weight gain of the last two weeks was just water weight – that I had stressed my muscles so much that they were holding on to the water – to just be patient and keep on the plan.

Well, he was right. I had the “whoosh” before Christmas, where my body suddenly decided to let that water go. When I got on the scale this morning, I was SIX pounds lighter. And that means I reached the goal I had set for myself in July. What a great Christmas present! Now, another 40 pounds by summer??? Yes! I can do it.

Right now I’m dashing madly around the house desperately trying to get all the presents wrapped. Later tonight I’ll make chocolate covered Strawberries for my Aunt and Mom. I’m foregoing making my traditional fudge for the family. I just don’t think I can resist that temptation.

Then it will be off the church for the candlelight Christmas eve services. I’ll be singing a solo at the services. Karla found an absolutely beautiful Christmas ballad called “The Hallowed Manger Ground” for me to sing. What an absolutely haunting melody. I love it. Supposedly it’s a popular song, but I have yet to hear it on the radio. If you haven’t heard it, go to YouTube. It’s truly lovely.

May the blessings of Christmas be to you and to your families.


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