I had some wonderful treats as gifts from my students. Very sweet of them. Of course, they have no idea that I’m living a new lifestyle. While I will re-gift some things — I’d NEVER re-gift something that a student gave me. Their thoughts and consideration are just too precious to me.

One little girl gave me home-made fudge. Of my gosh, so delicious! Thankfully, it was in a small tin. I thoroughly enjoyed it — one piece per day. What a fantastic recipe! This was truly incredible fudge — white and dark.

The tin of popcorn wasn’t home-made, but it was delicious. To avoid temptation, immediately upon opening it, I got out the Ziplock bags and started creating one-serving size portions. Easier to track calories when you’ve made 120 calorie bags. And it still tastes just as good in small portions.  I still haven’t touched the tin full of Dove chocolates. Those will keep until I get to them.

I really did appreciate the home-made pickles from another student. My goodness, who makes pickles anymore. Obviously this family. And, boy, were they delicious. And so easy to fit within my daily goals.

I am truly blessed!



2 Responses to Those Christmas treats – stretching them out.

  1. James B. Horan Cherry Hill, NJ says:


    Thank you for your wonderful website on Combat. Found it last December at the same time I found three guys uploaded all the episodes on You Tube. Have about 5 left to see, but being 10 when it first aired in 62 and never seeing show in 45 years, I never knew how good it was and the trash that is on TV today. I never cry at anything but lost it watching Little Carousel and The Furlough. Agree, you did not need to see Ann dead, Saunder’s eyes told the whole story.

    Thanks again. Jim. Never knew Jack was such a great actor

  2. james garner says:

    Dear Jo, I recently purchased the combat dvd, this was a series I loved as a kid. It is even
    better than I remembered it and my wife, who hated the show as a kid, has now been stricken
    by the combat bug! I also would like to congratulate you on your excellent book about
    this tv series. I intend to contact some of the people in our rotc office and recommend your
    book and the dvd set to them. (I am in the physics department at the University of
    North Florida, which is in Jacksonville.)

    I suppose what I like most about combat is how it depicts the human side of war without
    being macho and without glamourizing war. The sound track adds immensely to the
    drama, too. All the best, J. Garner

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